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LED Grille screenXGD-OP50


Lightweight (12kg/m2), fast installation method makes the installation and disassembly of products handy;

The protection level of XGD-OP50 makes the product more flexible in indoor and outdoor environment.

Suitable for complex installation environment:
It can be installed transversely and vertically, even in complex installation environment, it can present perfect picture.
Easy maintenance:
Using the original LED embedded strip structure, replacing a single lamp bar only needs to twist three nuts, and using the scene can achieve rapid maintenance.

Thin: The thickness is only 8CM, occupying small space, saving stage space and transportation space for you, bringing great convenience to your use and transportation;

High protection level, fearless of harsh rainy weather:
Tested by a third-party professional organization: Xiangguangda outdoor grille screen protection level as high as IP65, fearless of severe rainy weather, can be used in outdoor environment, professional connectors, fast plug-in, safe and reliable:
Plug-in uses professional aviation plug, safe and reliable, with no less than IP65 high protection level, can be quickly disassembled and assembled;
High quality power supply, stable and reliable:
Select high quality power supply to further ensure the long-term stable operation of the product.