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LED Display screen usage environment


The LED display screen can be divided into indoor LED display, semi-outdoor LED display and outdoor LED display according to the use environment.

In general, the area of indoor screen is from less than one square meter to more than ten square meters, and the point density is high. It is used in non-direct sunlight or lighting environment, and the viewing distance is several meters away. The screen does not have the ability of sealing and waterproofing.

Semi-outdoor screen is located between outdoor and indoor. It has high luminous brightness and can be used outdoors without direct sunlight. The screen body is sealed to a certain extent, usually under the eaves or in the window.

Outdoor screen area generally from several square meters to tens or even hundreds of square meters, point density is relatively thin (mostly 1000-10000 points per square meter), luminous brightness in 3000-6000 cd/square meters (different orientation, different brightness requirements), can be used in direct sunlight conditions, viewing distance in tens of meters away, the screen has good wind and rain resistance and lightning protection capabilities.