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LED Basic Performance of Display Screen


Main Functions of LED Display Screen Acquisition Card
LED display screen is a special display media, it can not directly accept computer data, it needs a series of transformations. The function of the acquisition card is to collect the display data of the high-speed computer (or multimedia display card), convert it and transmit it to the main controller.

Basic Light Emitting Point of LED Display Screen
In non-market LED display, the indoor LED display can be divided into 3.0mm (62500 dots/m2), 3.7mm (44100 dots/m2), 4.8mm (27800 dots/m2), 5mm (17200 dots/m2), 8mm (10000 dots/m2) and other display screens according to the single point diameter of the adopted LED.


Outdoor LED display can be divided into 8mm (10000 points/m2), 12mm (3906 points/m2), 16mm (2500 points/m2) and 26mm (1024 points/m2) according to the pixel diameter. According to the size of digital tube used in market LED display, it can be divided into 2.0cm (0.8inch), 2.5cm (1.0inch), 3.0cm (1.2inch), 4.6cmm (1.8inch), 5.8cm (2.3inch), 7.6cm (3inch), etc.