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Construction of Xiangguangda LED Transparent Screen-I.T Wanxiang Tiandi Flagship


Project Name: Construction of LED Transparent Screen in I.T Wanxiang Tiandi Flagship Store

Project model: LED transparent screen model: P50-50

Area: Total area: 203 square meters

Project completion time: September 2018

I.T. Vientiane Shop Opening Time: September 22

Project Address: Vientiane LG70, 9668 Shennan Avenue, Nanshan District, Shenzhen

Project Construction Engineer: Shenzhen Xiangguangda Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd.

Founded in 1988, I.T. is one of the largest fashion retail stores in Hong Kong. It is a fashion champion and a "holy place" for many celebrities. Originally founded in Hong Kong by a group of young people who love fashion and are full of vitality, they sell some famous brand clothes, which are popular with fashionistas, and thus establish the image of leading fashion trends among young people.

LED transparent screen features:

项目 参数 说明
通透率 80% 不影响室内采光
重量 6kg/平米 方便安装维护,无钢结构
厚度 灯条位置:12m ; 电源位置:65mm 电源位置在一侧,占用宽度小
亮度 5000cd 满足白天观看需求
外观 灯条横向安装,宽度1660mm无竖筋 最大限度保证了室内的整洁,无外露线

The LED display is installed in the inside of the glass curtain wall of the store and watched outdoors. In order to achieve the perfect dressing effect, it needs to meet the requirements of high permeability, light weight, daytime viewing and not affecting the indoor environment. It is recommended to select our P50-50 large spacing transparent screen.


1. Transparent screens are very hot in the market nowadays, but transparent screens with large spacing are very few. The reason is that the daytime brightness can not meet the requirements of customers after large spacing. But this time, Xiangguangda adopts the unique 3R3G3B technology, which guarantees that the brightness can reach more than 5000CD under the condition of high permeability, and also guarantees the effect of watching videos in the daytime under the condition of 80% permeability.

2. Installation in glass curtain wall, without steel structure, without government approval, the display screen can be customized into black, white and grey, so that the display screen and indoor perfect unity;

3. Customization can be made according to the size of glass curtain wall.

4. The existing brightening products, such as guardrail tubes and lines, have the highest gray level of 256 and low refresh frequency. The display effect can only achieve the effect of brightening and non-brightening.

This time, Xiangguangda's scheme of high permeability and large spacing designed for I.T has reached the gray level of 65536 and refresh frequency of more than 2000, which is the scheme and effect of LED display screen. Moreover, the project is simple in structure and cost-effective. It is a brightening product of existing line lamps, guardrail tubes and so on.