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Advantages of full-color light guide lamp for glass curtain wall


Advantages of LED Light Guide Lamps

1. Power Consumption Comparison between LED Lamps and Traditional Light Sources
2. In line with green environmental protection. Mercury-free, lead-free, cadmium-free and other heavy metals, fully in line with the regulations, and not easy to break and high seismic resistance, so LED and called green energy.
3. Scintillation can be completely eliminated to protect vision. LED lighting uses chip light and DC drive, no blinking problem, long time eyes are not easy to fatigue.
4. LED lighting has a long life and meets the international lighting standards. LED wafer lighting can maintain a life of at least 40,000-50,000 hours, longer life and more stable lighting than ordinary fluorescent lamps of 8,000-12,000 hours.

5. Choose color temperature to create lighting environment. It can be dispatched according to different workplaces. The color temperature distribution (yellow light) is 3000K 6500K (white light), such as classroom, office, indoor public places, factories and department stores.
6. Performances are good (with red, blue and green primary colors) with high performance, close to natural light, and more than Ra70.
7. Through the light guide plate to produce the principle of luminescence, the generated light source is uniform diffusion, does not harm the vision, the general light guide plate generated by the light source is direct, will damage the vision.
8. Maintenance costs are very low and replacement is easy.
9. There is no overlapping shadow in the luminescence principle. Generally, there are overlapping shadows in LED indoor lighting lamps on the market. The design of our company is based on the principle of uniform diffuse luminescence, no overlapping shadows and no damage to vision.